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Markaze ilaj Qur'ani o Rohani
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 Women Become Infertile

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Women Become Infertile Empty
PostSubject: Women Become Infertile   Women Become Infertile EmptyMon Oct 31, 2011 2:19 pm

People who don’t fear Allah, use Sifly amal to make women infertile, the women they are jealous of, they can be their relatives or someone who knows them. A woman cannot conceive a baby and even if she does, the fetus is killed before the child is even born.
One who fears that someone would cast a spell on her for a purpose, should perform this ruqya.
11 times Darood, then 11 times Surah-e-Waqia and then in the end, again 11 times Darood. Recite this and the magic will break. Keep performing this amal till the baby is born so that the magician cannot cast spells again and again. Do Istikhara “consultation with Allah through prayers” before starting thisl, so that would be better.
Remember me and my teacher in your prayers,
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Women Become Infertile
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