Markaze ilaj Qur'ani o Rohani
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Markaze ilaj Qur'ani o Rohani
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 Remedy of Get Rid of Magic

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Remedy of Get Rid of Magic Empty
PostSubject: Remedy of Get Rid of Magic   Remedy of Get Rid of Magic EmptyMon Oct 31, 2011 2:22 pm

If someone is being controlled by the demons/jinn, and he believes that it is the case with him, because it often happens that when such a person is brought near some way to rid him of jinns, the demons and jinns hide at that moment so they cannot be scared away. And the spiritual healer or exorcist thinks that there is nothing wrong with him, and then the person has to go to doctors and he gets tired of trying to find a cure for himself. Such a person should do as follows:
Recite Darood 11 times, and then 11 times Sura-e-Nas and then 11 times Darood, and repeat this after every prayers/salaat. Keep doing this till the jinn leave the person alone. And even after the person rids himself of the jinn, he should keep repeating this process because the jinn may come back. He may also recite ‘Ayat-ul-Kursi” with it. If the person feels that the jinn are apparent, then he may consult some Spiritual Healer/Exorcist/amil, otherwise he can continue this recitation.
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Remedy of Get Rid of Magic
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